In Need of Some Vitamin C

Danny flew off to Florida this morning to attend a week-long seminar in preparation for his licensing exam in May. A few months ago, we considered the possibility of me tagging along. I've never been to Florida so it could have been a nice opportunity for me to explore the area, get some sun, and do a bit of shopping while he spent 12 hours a day reviewing cases in some cold, dark, cramped room. Okay, apparently the seminar is at a big fancy Conference Centre so it can't be that bad... but he's stuck indoors nonetheless. In the end we decided that I'd stay home this time around as work has been quite busy, we'd get very little time together, and there would be more opportunity for traveling in the future.

But today, as I trudged through the snow and slush and muck, trying not to catch a cold from all the strangers blowing their noses on the street, I was just a tad jealous that I didn't go along.

Today it is cloudy with flurries here...29'C and sunny there.

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