A Cuban Retreat

As evidenced through my last few posts, it may have been obvious that I was in need of a break from this fridgid winter weather. Fortunately, we were able to get that break in the form of a little holiday in sunny Cuba.

Leaving behind the snow and wind was a great feeling, although the flimsy windbreaker and sweater I wore to the airport reminded me not to get too cocky. But seriously, I couldn't conceive of packing my winter parka, which would take up at least 2/3 of my suitcase, just to be warm(ish) for the two minutes I would be outside the airport when we got back. So I said adios to the parka and left the cold weather behind.

The journey was long. A layover in Montreal from midnight to 0600h afforded me the experience of 'sleeping' on a wooden bench for a few hours (I use quotation marks because, as you can imagine, I didn't get a wink of sleep). Danny and I thought we could tough it out like the people on 'The Amazing Race' but soon realized it was not all that desirable or effective. But a hotel seemed like a waste as it would likely take an hour or two to grab our bags, get a taxi, drive to the hotel and check in...only to turn around about two hours later to head back to the airport and stand in lines again. Danny and I were exhausted when we finally boarded the final plane to Cayo Coco and were glad to have noise cancelling headphones at our disposal.

We slept like babies the whole way there.

Landing in Cuba was wonderful. The sky was bright blue, the sun was shining, and most importantly, it was warm! A well organized team of people drove us to our resort where we would spend the next week basking in the sun, reading on the terrace, sipping endless cappuccinos, exploring new cities and sailing on the turquoise waters on a catamaran. Oh to be back there right now!

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