Where’s the Holiday Spirit?

A few things have more-than-annoyed me lately and anyone who knows me knows it I’ve got a pretty high level of tolerance. I’ve been known to apologize to people for cutting in line ahead of me or stand patiently and smile while someone takes 15 minutes to check out 5 items at the self-check out counter. But after this past week I’m beginning to question, where is the holiday spirit?

After enduring a battery of tests at the hospital for a few hours Wednesday morning I decided to grab a coffee. While putting the lid on my seasonal beverage my wallet was stolen. Driver’s License, Credit Cards, Health Care cards, money…all gone. The barista behind the counter looked more inconvenienced than anything when I asked if someone had perhaps turned it in.

A city bus driver nearly ran into me while I walked across the street at a marked crossing. Was it by any chance the cel phone that you were yacking on that distracted you from the red lights Buddy? Not cool. Plus I think that’s forbidden for public transit drivers to be talking on cel phones, at least it should be. I gave him a dirty stare-down and he ignored me. Complaint filed.

And finally, after waiting 4.5 MINUTES in my car (with my signal light blinking I might add) for an elderly gentleman to load up his car, read the label of an item he purchased, put his cart away and pull out of a parking spot, a big SUV whipped around the corner and drove immediately into the empty stall. Even the bystanders outside the store shook their heads.

I’m hoping things turn around soon because I’m fed up right now!

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  1. It's so awful out there. My new approach is to be seasonally joyful ALL THE TIME and maybe it'll rub off! (Or annoy everyone and they'll just stay far, far away from me)