Four Months: Where Did the Time (errr... Hair) Go?

I read about a parent describing their four month old lifting his feet up in the air and thumping them both down loudly as a 'whale tail' and I thought, that's exactly it! Our little Sam is in full whale tail thumping stage and it is hilarious. He isn't rolling over yet but he can get half way there before he gets stuck and frustrated. Fine by me - running after two bigger boys is enough for now. At least I always know where he is, thump thump.

Sam is also drooling a lot and putting everything he can in his mouth especially his fists, blankets and the odd furry toy. Diaper explosions are a daily occurrence which even prompted us to move up to size 3's but alas it hasn't made much of a difference. More laundry, I guess!

Sam and I seem to be in full hair loss mode as well. Me: a lovely postpartum gift that is pretty expected but still kind of annoying. Him: nearly bald save two little patches of old man scruff behind the ears. Day to day the loss isn't that noticeable but when scrolling back to see earlier photos I'm shocked to see such a fuzzy dark-haired baby. Who was that dude?

Our summer has been low key compared to others but we still managed to get out into the woods for a few days, staying at a cottage and enjoying nature hikes, campfires, and some beach time. Car trips seem to be getting slightly more tolerable but I say this on the cusp of a very long solo parenting road trip which will surely have me regretting I typed this. As long as he's with his mama you're generally pretty happy and giggly (even in your sleep). It's fun to have a side-kick for all of our every-day adventures.

Such a joy, my boy!

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