Two Months: Too Much Fun

The way your eyes turn into crescent moons when you smile really big. The way you hold your thumb between your first and second finger so tight. The way your legs kick so hard when you get fussy. The way your eyes light up when you see your big brothers. The way you snuggle in so close in the middle of the night. These are a just a few of the things we're loving at two months.

Eight weeks in and dare I say we've hit our stride? Perhaps we're pretty chill as third-time parents or perhaps he's generally a pretty laid back kid, but I feel like I can finally exhale. Sam has tucked himself right into our family and right into each of our hearts. My best eater, my best sleeper, and an all around pretty cool dude in between. He's growing and changing, just as he should, in size 1 diapers and size 3month clothes. His hair is thickening up in the front and rubbing off in the back, ha! His ears are still fuzzy (swoon) and his lashes extend for days. Sam has been rolling over to his side, can track us all with his eyes and head, and recognizes some voices. What a joy this boy is!

This past month included the usual park dates and play dates. We took our first overnight trip to Edmonton to celebrate my sister's impending nuptials and my little side-kick tagged along like a champ. The zoo and soccer field are regular stops for us as are grocery runs and (apparently) dental appointments. Sam hates the car but will occasionally fall asleep in it which makes the journey a little less noisy. Fortunately his older brothers can also pop in a soother or hold his hand to help calm him if necessary. We've battled a couple colds already but aren't letting them slow us down too much. I feel like we're always on the go, running like mad and being pulled in many directions, but I'm doing my best to cherish these very long and very fleeting days.

Our hearts are bursting with love for this boy. Happy two months, Sam!

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