Eleven Months: Little Mister

Benji boy you ARE in fact turning into quite the little boy! Cannot believe we're approaching the one year mark. On one hand it feels like you've been here forever but on the other hand how are you already so big?

I'm starting to feel like Ben's really beginning to understand some of the things I'm saying - or at least recognizing the routine of our day. He starts our mornings by crying out for "Maaa maaa ma" but always has big smiles for the person who greets him. He's been taking his bottle on his own for months now and it is nice to get in a few extra minutes of 'me' time while he's feeding himself in his crib. Ben is also getting better at independent play - or as I sometimes call it - independent mischief. He is so drawn to all the things he's not 'supposed' to be drawn to; electrical cords, iPhones, remotes, heat registers a dirty shoe, the vacuum (hey - we could start something here). Unfortunately his curiosity resulted in a burn on his left hand but with lots of love and some bandaids it has since healed quite well.

Ben had his first ear infection this month. When I opened up the antibiotics I squealed in delight as it was 'the banana medicine' that I loved as a child when I too required antibiotics. Ben took to it as quickly as I did which really made things a lot easier for both of us. Apparently white grape Tylenol is pretty tasty too. Broccoli cheese casserole - not so much.

Ben is really good at clapping his hands, giving hi-fives, shaking his head 'no' and jumping up and down in his bouncer or crib. He listens to stories, has started giving hugs (ah!) and waves hi. He's delighted to see his Grandparents whether in person or via FaceTime/Skype and 'chats' with them as well. He also has this thing with pushing the garage door button that is, well, adorable. I'm so proud of all his little skills but my absolute favourite of them is when Ben squeals with delight and races to the bannister when he hears his dad come home from work. Its great to see your child love the love of your life too!

Four teeth have emerged along with the ever growing hair that I still don't know what to do with (read: keep ignoring it for a while). Ben's standing up on his own without having to pull up on something but still requires something for stabilization like the ottoman, or my legs, or the wall, or the kitchen cupboards. I have a feeling I'll be cleaning up a lot of messes in the near future as he's getting into absolutely everything... and that's okay! Better to be curious and explore the world then let it pass you by.

This past month we celebrated Halloween which was a real treat for everyone. Our little monster was such a delight. We have been exploring in the snow a little bit and visiting friends in their cozy homes. We had a couple fun baking days and a few outings around the city but didn't head out too far - it's too cold! But we're going to do something about that very soon. Another plane ride on the horizon - fingers crossed it goes well!

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