Four Months: Babble Babble

This bunny is starting to look pretty small next to our Big Ben! I remember when it was the same size as him. Let's revisit that time, shall we?

Ben continues to grow like a weed, topping the charts at 15lbs and 26.5in of pure fun. This kid is big! I can barely hold him anymore without getting kicked or smacked with those flailing limbs. Such a strong boy. He loves to stand up on his own (he holds onto our fingers), springs up and down, leans forward in his chair, stroller or mamaroo (a signal meaning he wants to get out) and easily lifts up his legs into the air to help us with diaper changes or to play with his toes. Ben barely fits in his bathtub but loves to kick and splash around anyway. Coordination is continually being refined, especially when grabbing on to toys and putting them in his mouth. Nom Nom Nom.

Sleep is still a bit random at times but we can usually get in a good 6+ hour stretch before a feed and then a couple more after that. I really can't complain. He's also alert for longer periods during the day but enjoys 2-3 naps a day, some longer than others. My favourite time of day continues to be when Ben first wakes up. He's so cheerful and chattery. Even copies the sounds we babble to him.

Ben may have had his first bought of illness this month with a week+ of GI issues. His temperature was great and he was taking in lots of fluids but we changed many many dirty diapers every day. So grateful that it hasn't turned into anything serious.

This past month was lots of fun! We took our first major road trip to Montreal over the Easter weekend and Ben did so well (providing one of us was in the back seat of the car to keep him company). It was our first over-night visit and he handled it like a champ. We also celebrated Danny's birthday with a big family dinner at our place and then again the next night at another house. We took our first trip to the zoo and had a blast playing with the monkeys, penguins and polar bears. I've been wanting to get outside a bit more often but the weather has been pretty cool lately so we'll just have to hang out inside a bit longer.

We've got a few busy weeks ahead and can't wait to share them with you!

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