Holiday Recap (and photo dump)

Whoa - it has been a while. I could use the new baby as an excuse for my lack of posting but that would only be partially accurate. Truth of the matter is we've been pretty busy lately. 2012 has proven to be a great year so far. But before we get too much into those events I want to do a quick recap of our holiday season. Better late then never I guess.

Because we were anticipating an extra special arrival this season we hosted close to home this year. It was just a small gathering (my parents and sister) and they arrived in time for Christmas Eve. I didn't worry about doing too much cooking or baking before hand because I knew I'd have plenty of help.

My mom made some pies using an old family recipe. This year's vote was for the lemon meringue and strawberry rhubarb variety. Baba's red and white pie plate was brought out for the occasion.

We ate a large meal of roast ham and scalloped potatoes with all the fixings. For dessert we indulged in the freshly baked pies. They were so delicious that we had partially eaten them before I remembered to take an 'after' shot. Whoops! After tidying up the kitchen we tucked ourselves into bed.

Christmas morning was bright and sunny. We ate a nice wife-saver breakfast together and then retired to the living room to open gifts. I made some makeshift stockings which proved to be a success and fortunately Santa didn't seem to mind either.

After another afternoon of cooking and lavish turkey dinner to boot (do you detect a theme here?) we cracked open the Scrabble board which I bought for Danny and played the inaugural game. It was fun to see the competitive sides come out in full force!

The next day I had a baby! (separate post to come).

Before we knew it New Year's Eve had arrived. Things were pretty low key for fairly obvious reasons but we still did ring in 2012 with a bit of festivity. Having our newest little family member to celebrate made it a NYE we will always remember!

Hope the first few weeks of 2012 have been treating you well too!


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