A Trip Out West...visually un-documented

Usually when I go on a trip my camera rarely leaves the tight grip of my hand. I feel like I'm on a photojournalist assignment and have to snap pictures of anything and everything I do, or see, or taste for that matter. Last weekend I did virtually the opposite. Danny and I made a quick trip back out west to attend a wedding and catch up with some med school friends. It was a great whirlwind trip with plenty of photo opportunities but I pretty much ignored my camera the whole time. My excuse? I don't have one... I was lazy? I didn't want it to get wet in the rain? My shoes hurt my feet and I was a bit tired? Not very good excuses if you ask me.

So to spare my poor memory from completely forgetting that the weekend even happened, I'm going to outline our trip here (for your my reading pleasure) sans the usual visual cues.

We arrived in Vancouver on Friday morning. It was cloudy but warm enough to wander the streets and window shop. We grabbed some pasta at Italian Kitchen before meeting up with my good friend Robert for a post-lunch coffee and chat. I was a bit jet-lagged in the afternoon so we went back to the hotel where I napped for a while (cough 3 hrs). Later that night, feeling refreshed and replenished, we grabbed some Chinese food and called it a night.

The next day it was raining pretty hard so we kept close to the hotel, only venturing out to check out a comic book store and buy a last-minute wedding gift. We headed back to our room to primp, pamper, and re-learn how to tie a full Windsor. It's tougher than it looks! The wedding was beautiful and the bride looked ravishing. Honestly, who doesn't even take any pictures at a wedding? Apparently me. We sampled on hors 'doeuvres, enjoyed the fresh seafood (at least I did...Danny prefers his protein from the land), and indulged in a dessert buffet before the dancing kicked off. Always nice to celebrate special occasions with friends.

The next day, we had a few hours before our flight departed for back home, so we met up with some friends who graciously entertained us for the day. The weather held out (no rain boots required) so we ventured out to Queen Elizabeth Park to take in the beautiful scenery.  I actually remembered to take my camera out for this little adventure so snapped a few shots while we were there. It wasn't too hot or crowded which is just the way I like it.

Next we drove to Richmond and had dim sum in a very air-conditioned building. The food was good but I was so cold! Tummies full, we then explored the Aberdeen mall (an all Asian Mall) and we wandered through Daiso (a first for me) where I could have stocked my entire house in plasticware. It was nuts!

Back outside, we walked around Steveston Farmers' and Artisians' Markets where I grabbed a bag of fresh kennel corn and enjoyed the view by the harbour. It was such a great relaxing end to a fairly busy weekend.

Fortunately our flights were on time and we were able to crawl into bed with at least a couple hours of sleep under our belts before starting the new week.

And next time it will all be properly documented on camera!

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  1. In photography, quality usually wins. Love the tiny snail!